Starting with some self-imposed YFL trading restrictions

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Pulling into the Waffle House for a midnight snack

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for me on YFL in these past few days. I’ve barely slept 😂

There were a fair share of white knuckle moments with the Pool 3 and Pool 4 emission bugs (funds SAFU), followed by the incredible development of the emergence of Team 02 and their announcement of LINKSWAP.

Seeing YFL come this far so fast has left me at an absolute loss for words.

But I don’t want to waste any time without thanking @Ashitaka, @Roy, @Kyle, @San, @Link_0x, and @MrP who have been on this YFL journey since the very beginning.

More thank you’s as well later on this post. …


Bobby Shaftoe


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