Doing what’s right for your body isn’t easy!

I just wrote a post where I gave 10 steps for improving your at-work physical health.

It’s not easy — so I wanted to document my day starting now — to show you how much I actually have to think about it, but how much I believe in it! I got to work around 7:45am this morning, but I just thought of writing this now, so we’re starting a little late, but that’s OK!


I’m sitting on my ball chair, and I’m listening to Sirius XM 2K Pop station. Right now Nelly is playing, so I’m moving my hips, dancing, my feet are flat and my knees are at 90 degrees. My arms are at 90 degrees, but I’m not using the ergo rest. I keep having to remind myself every few minutes to “tighten the belt”. I just realized that when I move one hip forward, my muscle on that side is sore, so I’m going to keep doing it so that I’m also stretching. I’m also letting my knees move around, getting blood into my legs and feet. I also try moving my shoulders around, keeping my back and shoulders loose.


I just remembered to put my shoulders back and down. When I did my right shoulder cracked a bit, felt good!


Forgot to pull in my lower abs! Also — just rolled my upper back around and it felt good!


OK — I just did some coding! I’m going to walk over to my team and check in with them. My water is still half full, so that’s good. But time to move! :D


Ok! Met with my team. Did some stretching while I was meeting with them, for example this one. Time to check email and figure out my next coding project :D


I have to use my big computer and my laptop, so I have put my laptop in a place that I can turn my chair and be in an ergonomic position still.


Just finished my water bottle. I’m going to take this chance to run to the restroom, fill up my water, and ask Lindsey a question!


I took a little extra time because as I was walking down the stairs I realized my calves are hurting!! So I stretched them on the stairs a bit :) Now I’m back and I think I’m going to work on some For Dummies edits!


Oops! That’s why my brain was getting easily distracted! I was hungry! Just grabbed a breakfast burrito — I’m going to take 5–10 minutes to enjoy it, and then get back to work :) I think I’ll watch 5 minutes of the show I was watching on Hulu!


Well — my burrito break turned into a burrito work meeting :P But at least I accomplished both! Time to get back to writing :) I am still sitting, and I know I shouldn’t, but I’m lazy…


Office has to update -_- time to dance and stretch while I install!


Just remembered to engage my lower and side abdomen to have better posture!


Office is installing, “That’s not my name” from 2009 just came on — a great song to roll my neck out to! lol


Yay! Office installed! Time to focus on For Dummies :D


Back was sore so I did a quick supine twist in my chair.


I just realized I was sitting only on my left glute. My entire body was like a < with my legs and torso pointing to the right, but my hips pointing to the left. I straightened out though :D Oh and Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles just came on — a great reason to wiggle out my fingers and get some blood flow in them while I pretend to play the piano!


I need some kind of break. Going to run to Starbucks for a Chai Tea Latte. It’s better than another coffee, which would make me feel sick. But the sugar is not ideal. I need to also find some food — but I don’t know what to eat…I need to do a better job of prepping lunch the night before.


Whew! I’m back! Got my chai tea latte and I also got one of those cheese and apple packs…mmmm I think I’ll take 5 more minutes to eat and this will be my 30-minute lunch break. It was nice to get outside, walk around, and chat with my co-workers!


Lunch was distracted by a quick meeting, but I still managed to eat! :) Time to get back to making sure the edits are done! Glad this project will be done by tomorrow!


My back is sore. I’m doing a cat — cow poses while sitting at my desk, just trying to move it around a bit. Then I go back to sitting straight.


Just remembered to sit up straight again, my upper back crackled a bit. Feeling good!


99 Problems by Jay-Z just came on, a good song to move my legs and torso to! Lol I know I’m a dork, whatever :P


It’s been about an hour since I’ve been sitting. I don’t need anything, but I’ll throw away my chai tea latte cup and say hi to Lindsey or something!


Not a huge break..but I’m back to it!


Around 2:40 I went to get my glasses, my contacts were bothering me. I ended up chatting with Lindsey and Stephen about work, then having my dev meeting. Now I’m back to coding! Getting a release out today :D


Man — it’s crazy how fast time goes when you’re coding! OK — I think my code is pushed and I can go back to making the last edits on this book! I might have to take it home with me though…Anyway, I can tell my right side is starting to cramp up, My right shoulder is creeping up into my ear and the right side of my back is tightening and starting to hurt. I’m going to fill up my water bottle and then roll out on the softball for a couple minutes like this. Starting to get a headache :\


Ah!! I started using the softball and my right hand/wrist/fingers went numb. Meaning my ulnar nerve is probably tight, so I did some ulnar nerve stretches, like this. It feels MUCH better, but still not 100%. I can probably only work for another hour, then I will have to head out and take a break. I decided to sit a little differently too, now that I’m back at my computer, kind of like this. Not sure why, but it opened my hips up a bit, which is a nice change!


Well! My code got pushed! Now I’m going to go home, walk around, play with kittens, and then I will go back to the For Dummies edits for a bit!


Haha! Just kidding! I went to leave and I realized I only had 2 pages left to edit for the chapter I’m on and it would be much faster to just finish it up and then work on the next chapter at home. So I did that! I’m uploading my files to the drive now, and then I will run to the restroom and head home :D


Ok — I got home, emptied the litter boxes, fed the kittens, checked the mail, chatted with my husband, and now I’m sitting here about to start working again! At home I don’t have an ideal setup, but I’m still thinking of all the muscles I’m supposed to be tightening!


Dinner is ready! Eating and watching Portlandia with Adrian.


Done eating, but my calves are KILLING ME. Going to stretch out a bit, then get back to work.


Today is not ideal. Usually I am already in bed falling asleep. I wake up at 4:30am on weekdays, so to get a good 8 hours I have to go to sleep by 830pm. Tonight will be a tiny bit later…But hopefully not too long!


Slight problem, my kittens don’t understand that sometimes I work late, and it’s bedtime, so they are all on me and meowing and force snuggling. I might have to continue this working in bed where they can fall asleep ❤


Got to work a bit more, but now it’s time to brush teeth and get into bed to finish up work!


Working again!


kittens are relentless snugglers….bedtime…

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