Animal style or die. IMO.

There comes a time in every Southern Californian’s life when they taste their first bite of an IN-N-OUT burger. Call me biased, but IN-N-OUT is the best. To be 100% honest though, I don’t really even like comparing their burgers to any other place’s.

If you’ve had INO as long as I have and you have a deep passion for animal style like I do then you know that there just isn’t anything similar enough to compare it to. If you want to compare McDonald’s to Burger King, sure go ahead. The quality is about the same, they copy each other’s menu, all in all they’re both pretty low quality fast foods.

But then comes IN-N-OUT with a whole new set of burger ethics. You really feel like you’re eating an honest burger when you have INO. You take a bite of that Double-Double and there’s just something different about the sauce, the crispy buns, the pickles, the fried mustard, the grilled onions, the cheese, the meat, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man I’m drooling like Pavlov’s dogs right now!

Tell me this doesn’t look dank!

To put it simply, nothing is similar enough to IN-N-OUT to compare it to. You can rave about Five Guys or you can try and bring up The Habit or the oh so holy Whataburger but when it comes right down to it, IN-N-OUT is unique, it’s SGV grown, and it’s been around since 1948.

Long story short, don’t try some new burger place and say “This is better than IN-N-OUT!” NO. It’s not, because IN-N-OUT is in its own league, its own lane. Nothing else tastes quite like it, and lastly, if you go IN-N-OUT and order your burger plain, don’t order it at all.

Drops mic.

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