Coffee Holic is a chill, lowkey coffee shop in a mainstream area.

I think we all have at least a little bit of that “coffee shop bum” spirit hidden within ourselves, and I think Coffee Holic helped me find that.

I was first attracted by the pictures online of the latte art but was encapsulated when I walked in and smelled the coffee beans, I was welcomed by warm wooden tones, and then when I tasted that green tea latte it was a wrap. I knew I would be coming back here considering its local, artsy, delicious, AND they’re the only small coffee shop in the area besides Starbucks that is open before 10am.

The simple combo of a coffee paired with a warm pastry just does something right to the soul. It provides a nice little amount of sustenance in the morning, and a heaping amount of starting your day off the right way, and I think Coffee Holic did a great job of providing that for me.

Caramel Cappuccino and Chocolate Croissant

There’s not much else to be said. Coffee Holic was great, the only odd thing about it is that it’s not too hard to find. It’s located in one of West Covina’s main entertainment hubs that is The Lakes. You can find Coffee Holic right next to Edward’s Cinemas in West Covina. The nice thing about it, though, is that although it’s in a busy, more flashy area of the city, it provides a humble and pleasant atmosphere as soon as you walk through the doors.

Turns out, latte art isn’t too hard to find in the SGV.

Thank you for a great experience Coffee Holic!

Taste: 8.5/10
Timeliness: 8/10
Friendliness: 8.5
Price: $

Address: 1240 Lakes dr #B, West Covina, CA 91790
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