Do We Have Equality Under the Law?

We often think that the end of segregation and inequality was around the time the 14th Amendment was created. Unfortunately this is not the case at all. This idea has actually been a big topic of controversy recently. We as citizens would like to think that we are all considered equal under the the criminal justice system, but is that really the case?

This article brings up a lot a questions to think about, such as: How are people affected by this inequality and are there any actions being taken to change this issue. To understand the issue it is first necessary to first understand the importance of the 14th Amendment. “The amendment says all people within the jurisdiction of the United States government are entitled to ‘equal protection of the laws.’” (Gonchar, 2016) While many would like to argue that this has always been the case, there are many evident times in which it is not.

This has been an ongoing argument for some time now and I would like to think that we would all eventually come to realize that we really are all equal. A big issue at the moment is with police brutality. We are always told that officers are here to protect us but it doesn’t always appear this way. From what I see there is a bias against blacks in the criminal justice system. They are seen to be more dangerous by some and it seems like officers feel like they have a great power over them. Something that we should be questioning is whether police officers are abusing their power or not.

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