7 Things You’ll Hate About Trumpcare

House Speaker Paul Ryan demonstrating his ability to “dab” before his effort to take health coverage away from millions of Americans.

With all the frothing outrage directed at President Trump, it’s tempting to scroll past a headline like this to avoid torturing yourself with the details. Don’t do it this time. You see, the GOP’s new draft of Trumpcare isn’t just stupid, bigoted, and ill-thought out. It’s a matter of life and death. In addition to making up 1/6 of the economy, our healthcare system decides who lives, who dies, and how that’s determined. In other words, healthcare’s a Big F*cking Deal. If you agree, you’ll want to read on to see the ten things you’ll hate about the GOP’s new plan. 
 States won’t have to protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Under the GOP’s American Health Care Act, states would be allowed to opt-out of the existing protection that bars insurance companies from raising the price of insurance for people with birth defects.

This means that thanks to the GOP, if you’re born in a red state with a health problem that doesn’t go away, you’re gonna have to pay more for your entire life. Despite their willingness to make health insurance unaffordable for poor people with birth defects, the GOP still calls themselves a pro-life party.

There’s still a penalty for not being insured.

Remember how the ACA forced people to buy insurance or face a tax penalty? Trump care doesn’t have that, but what it does do is allow insurance companies to charge 30% more for a year if you’ve gone 63 days without coverage. 
 Let’s put that in concrete terms. Say you go without insurance for years, but then you have a kid and decide that you don’t want to be stuck without protection if something goes wrong. If Trumpcare becomes a law, you’ll have to pay 30% more on insurance for a year as a punishment for not buying it earlier. If you don’t like the ACA for punishing people who aren’t covered, you won’t like Trumpcare either.

Millions will lose their health insurance.

The first time President Trump’s GOP tried to repeal Obamacare, their own Congressional Budget Office reported that 24 million people would lose their health insurance if it was passed. Naturally, President Trump and his Whtie House immediately dismissed their own party’s hand-picked CBO in order to obscutate this fact. Despite this effort, they ended up not wrangling enough votes to pass the bill.

They’re not making that mistake again. This time around, Republicans in the House of Representatives are railroading Trumpcare in so quickly that the CBO won’t have time to calculate exactly how many will lose healthcare.
 Wait a minute. If the CBO won’t have time to plug the numbers, how do we know millions will lose coverage? The answer is simple. You see, Trumpcare 2.0 doesn’t actually deviate much from the original failed GOP bill. The ACA is still being dismantled, and that means any one of the millions who got a plan under the ACA is subject to losing their coverage. The question, then, isn’t if millions will lose their health coverage. It’s just a matter of exactly how many million won’t have it anymore.

It harms the elderly.

In the ACA, tax refunds for American families to put in a savings account were given mainly on the basis of income. Trumpcare, on the other hand, makes age the main factor in determining who gets this refund. 
 While the new age-based refund would give a small amount of money back to the elderly, it means little for senior citizens who don’t have a lot of money to refund in the first place.

The GOP healthcare plan also allows insurers to charge the elderly five times more than the youth for the same insurance policy.

In effect, what we’re looking at is a situation in which only old couples who make a lot of money will get any benefit from Trumpcare.

Presumably, this is what the President was talking about when he said he’d Make America Great. 
 The poor get smashed.

Under the ACA, folks making less than about $30,000 a year got federal assistance towards purchasing health insurance. TrumpCare repeals this subsidy and replaces it with an expanded health savings account. Since poor people don’t have saving money to begin with, the GOP bill won’t help them at all.

Not that they want it anyway. As Republican Congressman Roger Marshall reminds us, some people — those people being the poor — , just “don’t want healthcare”.

The rich get more tax cuts.

Rich Republicans laughing as they pass a law which benefits the 1% at the expense of ordinary Americans.

According to the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation, millionaires will receive an estimated $165 billion dollar in tax cuts. On the chopping block is a 3.8% tax on investment income (stocks, bonds, etc.) and a 0.9% payroll tax for Medicare funding on income over $250,000 per year.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders’ totally unaffordable and fiscally irresponsible plan for tuition-free public universities would cost about $80 billion per year.

Slashed investment in heart disease prevention.

Perhaps the Republicans took the phrase “bleeding heart liberals” too literally when they passed this bill.

Nearly $1 billion is stripped from the Center for Disease Control’s Prevention and Public Health fund. In addition to preventing heart disease, the fund is used to prevent strokes, lead poisoning, diabetes, and pandemic outbreaks. 
 This isn’t just standard budget accounting. When combined with the erosion of protections for people with pre-existing conditions, it’s a moral atrocity. What the plan of Trump’s GOP essentially does is cut funding to prevent illness while also making people who didn’t chose to be sick pay way more in health coverage. 
 But hey, it’s alright! Republican Congressman Mo Brooks reassures us that people “with good lives” won’t be effected, because they don’t have pre-existing conditions.

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