Singapore Public Transport with Ezlink

It is hard to avoid using Ez-link if you are commuting around with Singapore public transport. To get the most out of it, check out the following:

Get cash by traveling off peak hours

How it works: By commuting via MRT at off peak (Decongesting hours are between 6:15–7:15am and 8:45–9:45am during weekdays), you will earns a certain points. Using the point you can either play the game (automatically or manually; random cash rewards from $1 to $200) or convert to cash (fixed exchange rate of $1 for every 1000 points). For more detail on how it works, feel free to checkout their FAQ.

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How to join: Sign up here. Go to Setting (top right of website) -> Card Number -> Enter your CAN number at the back of your Ez-link. (Note: You might need to travel with that ezlink card to activate it).

What I did:

I use Spin Game with automatic setting.

I had use credit to Bank whenever I get any credit. Cos I found it rather troublesome to go to the machine to redeem my rewards.

To show that this really work, I had capture a print screen of how much I had earn so far from Travel Smart Rewards. It is not a lot of money. But is better than nothing. (Just some side note, I had been using this for more than 2 years. I have friends who had won $200 in one of the spin. It depends on luck). So Good luck to you guys

You will sure get some cash after traveling for a period of time especially during off peak hours.

Ref: Travel Smart Rewards —

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