Singapore Taxi and personal car coupon code (Uber, Grab, Swiftback)

This post is to help people who travel around Singapore to get the maximum saving out of your ride from Point A to Point B.

Uber Singapore

$3 OFF all POOL rides 7AM — 12AM daily (valid till Sunday 1 OCT 2016) (Max 2 riders)


Uber New User

If you are a new user, consider doing these to get the max.

Add referral code to get first free ride (value amounts vary by location)

Referral Code: 7f0dw

Login to Shopback to get up to $17 off for your first uber ride. (if you are signing up withshopback, click on this to get up to $5 on your shopback account). When you enter you will realise that it is only $15. To get $17 use Shopback with VISA. After you login to Shopback, change the url to this, enter your first 6 digit of VISA and click on uber you will see $17. (Remember to click through and sign up at uber to get the $17)

Click on Shopback Uber follow their instructions and remember to enter the code SBUBNEW. Do remember to forward your Uber email receipt to shopback after the ride.

Coupon Code: SBNEW

Uber Existing user

Shopback is giving you $0.30 for every ride (cap at 1 ride per day). You might be thinking it is only $0.30!!! but do you know that every cents count. All you need to do is to add the coupon code SBUB50 and forward your Uber email receipt to them. Just take this $0.30 as the cost for your credit card currency exchange charges.. so basically you don’t pay for any admin charges. Try it once, after you had did it once, it is super easy. Every time you receive a email notification, you just need to click “Forward” and type “uber” the email will auto complete shopback uber email. (less than 1 minute of your time)

Coupon code: SBUB50

Grab Singapore

Formally know as (Grab Taxi)

Grab New User

For new user, feel free to use the referral code for $8 off

Referral Link:


60% off Grabhitch rides from 14–21 September with GrabPay (Limited to 2 rides per day for each passenger)

Promo Code: WHILE60LASTS


Swift back is another car sharing app just like Grab Hitch (So you have to book in advance). It is slightly cheaper than Grab Hitch but UX is rather bad. Once you enter the promo code below, it might not give you a feedback if it successfully added or something like that. I tried putting in my friend referral code but there is no alert to say had successfully added. However, when I tried my first ride (suppose to be $15, they deducted $13 from my card).

Promo Code: @GKq1k

Please feel free to let me know if there are any new codes to help the others get around easily.

Updated as of 30 Sept 2016

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