Future IT Network Administrator

Why am I currently attending Milwaukee Area Technical College?

I am here to successfully obtain and maintain a career in IT Network Administration. I have a passion for computers, networking, music, gaming, and interpersonal communication.

When I am ambitious I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I am tenacious, fearless, and finally ready to “move up” in life and to achieve my goals. I have been through my fair share of tragedy in this life. Having lost my sister and father within the past 10 years and after hitting rock bottom, I realized if I don’t use my knowledge of computers/networking NOW, I will not succeed.

I enjoy taking things apart and then putting it back together to see how it actually works. I believe this is where my love for network infrastructure comes from. Since my first lab in IT Net Comm TIA+ via Lab Sim, where I virtually hooked up a small business’ WAN interface, I realized I truly loved networking. My Father was a brilliant programmer, Auto CAD designer/drafter, and an expert with data basing. His inspiration and his passion for IT was passed along to me. I am excited for this chance for great change in my life.

Here’s to a successful Fall Semester at MATC


Spencer G. Zajac (IT Network Administrator in training)