Being a Mother makes me a better technologist:
amelia abreu

I read this and thought:

“Well at least she’s not giving her children hormone blockers…”

Here’s a clue…

Smashing the Patriarchy is literally a movement that aims at destroying the nuclear family.

Now look at your child. Think about how much you love your daughter and want her to grow up safe, knowing the love that parents can give. Parental love and security of family makes children strong and happy.

When you spout out lavender menace catch phrase fem-speak, keep in mind you are arguing for a society aimed at depriving children of the security of having a loving mother and father in their lives. You know… “The Binary” as its called. Such a thing is spoken of as hateful and oppressive.

As a self-proclaimed rational thinker and loving parent, surely you can see how criticisms against the binary are ludicrous, right? You know they are born from irrational hatred and are dressed up in euphemistic language right?

I would argue that the binary should be a favored method of family formation, but that doesn’t mean that other family formations couldn’t be healthy and productive as well. That sounds better than smash the binary.

Many things in life sound great in their respective bubbles, but fail utterly in the light of reality. Feminist criticism of the binary is one of those things.

Best of luck to you and Happy Mother’s Day.