DNC Shatters The Illusion Of American Democracy In Order To Keep People’s 27 Bucks
Caitlin Johnstone

I voted for Obama twice, but I don’t know if I’ll ever vote democrat again in my lifetime. There are just too many egregious, unabashed examples of corruption, dishonesty and moral depravity to overlook.

In order for me to consider voting Democrat I have to hold my nose and overlook the fact that the party platform is to hate me for existing if I don’t bend on knee and seek penance for being born a straight white male. If I do choose self-flagellation, then they’ll tolerate me (but won’t stop hating me).

How can anyone vote for a party that has a platform that says because of one’s gender and sexual orientation one is by default a rapist and must be reprogrammed to not rape? The party champions Patriarchy Theory, which states by default, as a white male, I am an oppressor of women and unless I actively and in an ongoing manner step back so that others (of differing gender or race) can come forward in the vacuum left in the absence of my allegedly white supremacist wake — I’m some sort of Nazi subhuman.

This shit is straight up absurd.

So what is my recourse? The Democratic party was totally lost in my eyes long before the DNC told all the Bernie Bros to get fucked during the election and in this courtroom argument. I turned to the GOP. Maybe we can take that party over and transform it to work for the American working class family? We did that and we got Donald damn Trump elected. That should have sent a very loud and clear message that intersectionalist absurdism was roundly rejected by the American people.

What we ended up finding out was Trump was the lesser of two evils. I mean we knew that going in, but we didn’t know to what degree. Turns out that horseshoe theory is a very real thing. Political Correctness as conveniently defined by intersectional feminism is a control mechanism employed by the corporate controlled media, who not so-coincidentally were the very same Clintonian fangirls Ms. Johnstone mentions in her essay, to slander, libel and defame any and all dissenters who challenge narratives. It’s propagated from the left, but proliferated among the left and right and forged into weapons against enemies. Its grievance culture gone totally mad.

Trump’s campaign platform specifically stated they were going to rid society of this heinous cancer and re-establish the unabated free flow of ideas that has made our nation great. Trump wasn’t even in the White House yet and the GOP itself conspired with the DNC to knock out anyone in Trump’s inner circle who they couldn’t control — and they did it with the usual libel, slander and defamation tactics. Privacy laws were brazenly broken. Multiple felonies were committed via purposefully leaking information to cooperative news organizations.

Look at the result: Political Correctness is as strong and viable as ever. What has Trump done? Even to the most outrageous offenders? Nothing. Is the swamp drained? LOL. The swamp has The Don stuck in their quicksand. Outside of DC are people fearing law and order? Hell no. ANTIFA/BAMN are as brazen as ever in their criminal activities. People flaunt at the law without worry of consequence. Politicians pick and choose which laws they will follow, knowing full well an ideologically aligned judge has gotten them covered. Trump has done nothing about it. What can he do? His hands are tied. This election more than any other made me realize that the presidency is nothing more than one big sales job. The president sells you the load of bullshit big banks and big corporations push. If he doesn’t comply, well then if he’s lucky he’ll only get impeached and not straight up murdered.

Remember the occupy movement? Heh. When it was big banks being demonstrated against, both the left and right snapped right to it and the police pepper sprayed the fuck out of everyone — children — old ladies — it didn’t matter. That shit got stopped.

You go to a Trump rally and the media calls you a Nazi, while cult members of ANTIFA throw rocks and explosives at you or pepper spray you, bean you with flag poles, stab you, smash your head with steel bike locks or do whatever insane shit they can think of to cow you into submission — while the cops stand back and watch.

I used to think that outsider type conservatives levying accusations of Marxism were engaging in buffoon hyperbole… But I learned they are not.

Progressivism has become this very dark thing. They push hateful, divisive narratives. They proudly espouse Marxism and even Stalinism. They engage in cultist behavior. They lie and push fake news. Don’t deny its happening because it fucking is happening — everyone remember “Hands Up Don’t Shoot?” How much suffering and destruction did that lie cost? It changed policy in mid-western cities that led to sharp rises in murder and violent criminality. Does anyone at all think the DNC gives a fuck about any of that?

All they cared about was votes — which is the only thing the GOP cares about. Its all one big game of who can control what so hegemony is kept or gained. The rest of us get fucked.

So is it any surprise at all when the DNC is blatantly caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they just shrug and say so fucking what? They do what they want. They don’t give a fuck if they steal a nomination away from a rightful candidate. They’ll just invent some slander about detractors and get 10 or so publications to print it all on the same day. There is no conscience involved whatsoever.

Did you watch the fucking farce masquerading as the correspondent's dinner? They all had pained grins on their faces, sweating like whores in church. For all his ineffectual warts, Trump still has the stones to call that den vipers out. I’m not reading a bunch into it though, because it benefits the GOP establishment to hit the MSM, even though they employ the same damn tactics with their own cronies.

Lets face it… This baby boomer political generation is a horrendously vile group of narcissists who have no sense of right or wrong. Its as bad as I’ve ever seen government be. Integrity is a foreign concept. These are some fucked up times we live in.

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