The Border Wall in Your Restaurant
Stefanie Doucette

I was the head waiter in a group of fine dining restaurants on a Floridian resort island for a decade. Leave it up to a busy-bodied progressive to outsmart herself on the tipping issue.

In most decent restaurants $25/hour is a pretty common average for servers to make (I’m talking about a total of wages + tips) in what I would call a “make it you take it” cash house. Not bad for people who would otherwise struggle mightily in some dead-end retail job.

Compare that to what servers who work in country clubs make — generally $14 to $18 per hour flat rate with no tips — and its not hard to figure out why servers like the US tipping system. Notice that in those country clubs, prices are still high and gratuity is generally “auto-gratted” on each check. Shit I mean who’s side are you on?

Tips are highly merit-based, which is probably why progs hate tipping. Its not socialist enough. Doofus Liberal Arts majors would be willing to reduce their own take by as much as a third to ensure an illegal alien (BOH commonality) who doesn’t have a SSN, is way more subject to the whim of the employer and thus far and away more commonly exploited makes just as much as everyone else. Well isn’t that special. I bet you love tip pooling and are the first one to walk out when there are several racks of glasses yet to be polished.

Here’s the thing though… Their salary won’t be increased to assuage this alleged disparity. Yours will be lowered. No wonder why big corps love hipster progs, they bend right over for every wage suppression scheme imaginable just as long as it has virtue signalling as a component. DAE OPEN BORDERS?

I knew plenty of “non-white” people who banked large as servers. One of my best friends was born in Panama and he made six figures as a server in Miami working at posh places like Prime 112 in Miami. He’s in Tampa now, still raking. Why is he so successful? He’s an awesome waiter — possesses both a chef’s and sommelier’s knowledge, can do table side and wine service in his sleep and can rock a large station like a professional athlete.

Race isn’t an excuse. Be great at what you do and you’ll be successful.

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