You can’t be anti-racism if you hate white people.

It doesn’t work that way.

“Welcome To The Anti-Racism Movement — Here’s What You’ve Missed” @IjeomaOluo

The narrative doesn’t​ fit reality.

You don’t rid society of prejudice by introducing more prejudice. Making sweeping generalizations about white people as an amorphous group is racism. Pure and simple.

We are all individuals. You defeat racism by treating the people in your personal sphere according to their character and merits. Show human empathy for the person next to you. Reject preconceived bias. Set aside any resentments you may feel. Look inward for answers instead of trying to lay blame.

Pontificating about what other people of other races and backgrounds should think and do is bullshit. You don’t solve any problems that way — you just replace scapegoat narratives.

Stop peddling white guilt for your own personal advancement. Progressives of all stripes do this. They do it to solicit donations and virtue signal. It’s wrong-headed.

How many white people has Ms. Oluo accepted into her personal circle? How many has she felt genuine empathy and respect for? How many has she loved as friends and neighbors? This works in all directions. We start by looking at ourselves and what we can do to eliminate our own bias. We stop pointing fingers. We look outside our windows and see the struggles that affect all of us. We respect other cultures, instead of denigrating them. We accept differences without hatred or manipulation. We become the change we advocate for with kindness and humility.

If we declare what the answers are in other communities are without looking inward and taking our own inventories we become blamers and hypocrites. Our advocacy only serves to fuel our hatred and bias instead of spur on any constructive change.

People are not as dumb as we perceive them to be. They pick up on resentments and take on adversarial positions as a mode of self-preservation. They sense the attack and form a defense. This is division, not unification.

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