Gratefulness — what it means for me

We (the last 2 generations in Europe) got certainly be raised and educated to be grateful for being healthy and happy and that it does not go without saying, because the elder generations told us that.

Nevertheless in the fist 25 years of my life I never experienced to be really grateful because there was no real disaster, no terrible disease or anything that felt the way that I would need to be grateful for a larger meaning. Thankful for lovely words, gestures or material presents did not touch me as much as naming them “grateful”.

The first time I felt in that direction was when my grandpa died and I deeply honored and considered well the time he spent with me my whole life. It was a pleasure to had him and it still feels good to remember him, his words and his kindness. I also still have and had the thoughts if I didn’t miss anything with him by being more grateful when he was with us.

Today just 3 years ago the following picture were taken by the legs and feet of my son. Already before he was born we got to know that he will have club feet (“Klumpfüße” in german) in the almost strongest level. He received alternative treatment from day one of his life until today and will have for some more years. The pics below were taken when he was 5 weeks old after one of the weekly exchanges of the cast he needed to wear the first 4.5 month of his life. At this time the first successful direction corrections were already a very good sign and gave us hope.

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Today I am very grateful for seeing him run, jump, move and laugh like any kid in his age. His feet look still a little bit clumsy, but it is nothing compared to what you can see above. The feet look almost as feet of average kids and the strength and flexibility is almost as it should be for a 3 years old. This is definitely nothing to take for granted and seems to be almost a miracle (even specialized doctors did not foresee or even doubt this very good progress).

I am very grateful to have a wife making this possible by spending many hours taking care of his feet on a daily basis. Thank you for being that lovely persistent caring to get us where we are today!

Today I am able to differentiate between lucky and being grateful, because I experienced what could go wrong and understand what it is worth it.

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped my son and my family in that matter in any ways — I am really grateful!

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Father of two, business coach, former product director and head of innovation, passionate soccer coach and supports @fcbayern.

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