Mirosoft Lumia 950 – I could instantly move from my iPhone

To sum it up upfront: I could do the switch instantly without any problem.

The price is comparable low but the 32GB + 200GB extension optionally available is crucial upfront. The exchangeable rather plastic cover might not feel as exclusive as the iPhone body, but it is very light and provides a good feeling while holding it. The battery lasts 36 hours in normal usage with all background activities on, which is 50% more then the iPhone 6. All apps I am using on my iPhone 6 are now as well available for Windows 10 as well (which was the killer before for me). The only service not available is Apple Music, but the Groove Music from Microsoft seems to be even better from a content point of view. Windows 10 is as well one step ahead in terms of home screen flexibility (tiles) and the possibilities to customize settings and the way to use it.

If I would need to buy a Smartphone today for myself (which I don’t!), then I would go for the Lumia due to price and flexibility!

Torsten Schollmayer

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Father of two, former product director, head of innovation and marketing strategist, passionate soccer coach and supports @fcbayern. http://about.me/scholly