Power of Google Allo

Torsten Schollmayer
Oct 7, 2016 · 1 min read

I strongly believe many (or even all) of you who took notice of the new Google messenger with the name “Allo” thought and still think that it is just another messenger, like FB or WhatsApp.

Same applies for me, but I just changed my opinion.

It is the integrated Google bot, the „Google Assistant“, that makes the difference. It is basically the humanize version of Google Search and it connects the user not only to search results, but also to other Google apps, like Google Maps.

If one think it further Google introduced a new unique door that connects the social part of the messenger with any kind of search and application integration that you could think of, which could result into the new „gate“ to the internet.

Really interesting to see who will win the messenger game and who will own this new „main entrance“.

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