Snapchat — I am getting old

Well, this is no surprise due to the human way of life, but I recently noticed that I am using social media solutions not anymore as the majority or at least “early adapters” are doing it:

  1. I finally deinstalled Snapchat — I really don’t get it what it is or how I should use it. Content is boring and super hard to browse (for me) and it neither entertains me nor informs me
  2. I know my ICQ number and password and was able to login to their new app — nobody of my old chat contacts were active anymore
  3. I like Twitter and I actively use Facebook.
  4. Instagram might be the last social media world I am willing to accept.

I guess I will lean back now and let the next generation do whatever they do 😎

Torsten Schollmayer

Written by

Father of two, former product director, head of innovation and marketing strategist, passionate soccer coach and supports @fcbayern.

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