Why I quit Spotify and joined Apple Music

It is very simple: even after 5 years (I joined locally in Sweden when Spotify was almost only available in Scandinavia) the software of Spotify does not know me and my music taste.

The only “personalized” list available is my own curated list with titles I marked with a star. Even the list with the titles I listened most is actually not personalized because I might have listened to titles I do not like more then to titles I like.

Providing me titles I should listen to is for me most crucial, because I often do not know what I want to listen in that moment and inspiration in Music is the best thing a smart software could do for me.

Is Apple Music doing better?

Yes! Even in iteration one they already know my taste and let me give them input to improve the results — but it is already a 80% match, which impressed me much compared to the random recommendations of Spotify.

For now I have cancelled my Premium with Spotify, but will be reconsider them when they fixed that crucial offering of music recommendation.