I have two final ideas until now and I haven’t decided which one is better. So please give me some suggestions about it!

I plan to finish my first idea independently. This is my first idea link:


My second idea is to collaborate with my classmates Hellen Tang and Rui Wang. This is my team member blog. It describes the idea very clearly.


The first one is my original idea. I really like it but I’m worried if people will feel boring because the ICM part is just making the drawing moving a little bit, not very significant moving.

I have another option to collaborate with my classmates. I like this idea but when I did user research these days, I found some problems. We want to combine the whole design process to make it a product to decrease people’s phone using time. But in our interviews, most people told us directly they don’t think this product can really influence their life. It maybe provokes people to think if they should use the phone so often but people will not change their behaviors at all by this product. It is not useful but just an art project.

Some people suggest me just do it as an art project. I’m very confused about it. I will be very appreciated for your advice.