Jesus the Saviour of the World

Many people in today's day and age find it “Weird” when someone says they truly believe in Jesus Christ. I have faced this situation multiple times right to the point when it feels uncomfortable even to tell someone that you are a Christian. People get offended by it. And of course, there’s this new rage going on about not wishing people “Merry Christmas” but “Happy Holidays” Its really sad to see the world come to this point and even sadder to see it deteriorating further.

Anyhoo, I'm not here to judge but rather to tell you all about why I truly believe in God and the Devil. To set the mood, a little background about myself.

I have been a baptized Christian from birth. My family is very religious (I was not) however it was a custom to go to Church every Sunday for mass. I grew up, left to the UK for my studies, still continued going to Church. Returned to India for a job, a lot of unpleasant events unfurled which took me away from God. I stopped going for mass. I still did visit Church though, just to say “Hi” to God. Somehow deep down I always blamed God for all the mess in my life. Time moved on, I found myself a Husband (He was a Hindu and a pretty staunch one, I must say). We got married.

Later we moved to Sydney and life went on as usual. It was the same situation as before, I would just visit Church with my husband to say “Hello” to God. In a year's time, my husband started having dreams and visions about Jesus (you can find his story here, it's truly amazing)

He decided to get Baptized ( People believe I forced him into it, but honestly, I was far away from God myself). He began his RCIA course ( Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) since this is mandatory for Adult Baptism. I would tag along with him for these classes and it was during this period of time that I had this very strange encounter with the Devil. Now, it is said, that if the Devil realizes that someone is trying to help another to get saved (receive salvation) he tries to come into your mind to frighten you. I honestly did not believe this, neither did I believe that I was trying to help my husband out. So here’s what happened….

My husband had gotten back from work, had his shower and as usual, sat down in front of the Altar to read the Psalms (he does this to date) I was just rolling on the bed, partly drowsy and tired myself. I must have dozed off for a while however I could still hear my husband’s voice reading the Psalms at the back of my head. It was a long Psalm and I do remember getting irritated by it (wait, why irritated? I'm not sure. It was so not like me, as if something had taken over. It was something evil). I finally dozed off.

I remember clearly what happened after. Everything had turned navy blue. I was in the same room lying on the bed, I remember looking around, everything looked dark and blue. I thought it was midnight and whether I had slept all through the evening. The moon was shining brightly through the window. Someone was lying down next to me on the bed and I thought it was my husband so I turned to look over.

As I turned, I noticed all my altar images (the Jesus photos, frames, my rosary, etc) were all scattered on my bed. I was surprised and asked my husband what was going on, why was everything lying on the bed. It looked like the altar was destroyed. My husband wasn't responding however I heard sounds from him as if he was writhing in pain. And every time I asked him the same question, he kept getting agitated and started growling lowly, just to show me his displeasure. He did not seem very happy that I was asking him the same question over and over again.

All of a sudden, he turned around and caught me by my neck and just threw me across the room high up near the ceiling!! I was shocked and in pain. He held me by my neck up the wall for at least four to five seconds till I began choking and then let go of me, so I could come crashing down!! I was frightened now. My body hurt, my legs felt numb. I was trying to figure out what just happened.

He was sitting at the edge of the bed and growling (I was not able to get a good view of him yet since it was so dark) I finally started to see his silhouette since the moon began to shine through the window. He had a very muscular body (like Baywatch). Horns were sprouting from his forehead and his face was exactly like a bull.
His mouth was wide and almost like a bear trap with big jagged teeth. His skin was more bluish or sallow. His eyes were big and completely black but they shined like coal embers. He just sat there staring at me and snorting loudly. I honestly did not know what to do.

Surprisingly, I had no fear of the creature and went toward him out of sadness. “Omg, what happened to you? Who did this to you? What are you?” “Are you in pain” “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

I could see his displeasure that I was showing him compassion instead of fearing him, but I had realized by now that this is no ordinary person, this was the Devil himself. I have seen some images online depicting Satan, and this definitely was close enough.
He did not like it that I wasn’t frightened of him. And he was getting angrier and angrier.

He started moving toward me and his mouth kept opening wider and wider (imagine a bear trap coming at your head to snap off your neck) He wanted to devour me. I had no idea what to do, I was still feeling sorry for him. But when he got closer and closer, I had enough.

He was just about to snap at my head when I caught his upper and lower jaw with both my hands to prevent him from snapping shut. I could feel his teeth sink into my palms and blood started trickling down my arms.
But I just held on and kept his mouth open. I just had to…..I had to be strong..

In that moment, I thought of Jesus

I began chanting, “ In the name of Jesus of Nazareth please save me. Please save me……”
But I changed my words to “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I CURSE you….”
“In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I CURSE you…..”
It was hurting a lot, I was bleeding from my palms. And that's when I yelled out the third time, “In the name of JESUS Of Nazareth, I CURSE YOU!!!!!
Instantly the DEVIL disappeared…..Everything returned back to normal. My husband had just finished reading the Psalms. I looked all around, still searching for the creature, but he was gone.

I was so frightened, I was sweating. I immediately narrated the entire incident to my husband. He was shocked as well. We discussed this later at RCIA class, and they said that the devil does try to frighten individuals who are getting closer to God because that is something he just does not want. I also recite the Prayer to St. Michael every night before bedtime, for added protection from evil. He has not visited me since.

Only the blood of Christ can save you. Even his Holy name is so Powerful. Do you know, the devil need not do anything in today’s world, he just waits for people to die because he knows they will come to him. And this is because people have forgotten God.

Many people have visions of God and see lovely dreams, but I was visited by the Devil himself…..and I am not Frightened of him anymore! Amen.

A strong believer in Jesus Christ and an avid visual artist.. I am here to talk about art as well and spread the good News!!