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A diagram indicating Starlink’s connectivity once the project is complete. Source Insider.com

Starlink, from SpaceX, is a satellite internet constellation that seeks to provide low-cost, high-performance internet around the world. Starlink will change global politics and business in many ways.

Political and Business Impact

40% of the world’s people have difficulty or is unable to access the internet. Many of these people are in less-developed regions of the world, including sub-Saharan Africa. Affordable access to high-speed internet could change the makeup of people participating in digital life, lead to a more inclusive internet and significantly increase online business opportunities.

Many countries limit their residents’ internet access in a variety of ways. While Starlink will technically make it possible to provide internet to anybody who wants it — without the consent of governments — SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that internet will be provided “on a country-by-country basis” and that “any given country can say it’s illegal to have a ground link.” Referring specifically to China, Musk said “if they get upset with us, they can blow our satellites up, which wouldn’t be good.” …

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Biocomputing — a cutting-edge field of technology — operates at the intersection of biology, engineering, and computer science. It seeks to use cells or their sub-component molecules (such as DNA or RNA) to perform functions traditionally performed by an electronic computer.

The ultimate goal of biocomputing is to mimic some of the biological ‘hardware’ of bodies like ours — and to use it for our computing needs. From less to more complicated, this could include:

1. Using DNA or RNA as a medium of information storage and data processing

2. Connecting neurons to one another, similar to how they are connected in our…

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Sensor fusion is the process of combining data from multiple physical sensors in real time, while also adding information from mathematical models, to create an accurate picture of the local environment. A system can then use this data to plan and act toward an objective or destination. Sensor fusion is an important part of the design of autonomous systems.

The cost of sensors has been declining for decades, while the quality of information collected by sensors has been increasing. Still, each type of sensor has its shortcomings. Even if a sensor provides a significant volume of high-quality data, the sensor could be thrown off under some conditions, leading to inaccurate readings. …


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