4 Things Mazzeo Said

Matt Mazzeo is not just pretty. He’s wise. And honest. And a good human being.

That’s why we asked him to launch the LIVE video partnership between Team Blab and Product Hunt.

He said a lot of interesting things, but here are 4 quotes that stood out as men amongst boys:

“When I first came from CAA, Chris [Sacca] told me I need to wash the suit off.”

Love it. Wash off the Hollywood. He traveled to India, and spent time grounding himself before starting off at Lowercase Capital.

“I love the ‘not sexy’ companies”

Waste Management. Self Storage. Industries that move the economy, but haven’t been turned inside out by software.

“Nowadays, cold emailing is a sign of a lack of hustle”

This quote spawned some controversy on twitter. (see the full thread https://twitter.com/rrhoover/status/656185900368457728)

“It’s really hard, but you gotta focus on the process, not the outcomes”

Fellow VC Kanyi Maqubela called in and asked about how he deals with the looong feedback cycles of investing (eg. ~7-10 years from seed to exit).

How do you improve if you can’t measure results?

Matt’s advise was to focus on the process. He has 3 parts to his process:

Sight = keeping your eyes open for prospective investments

Selection = picking ones that fit your thesis

Service = helping those teams accomplish their mission

So instead of focusing on the results of the portfolio, measure results in those 3 areas you can control.

If you’re not following Matt, find him here: http://twitter.com/mazzeo

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