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To become an Interior Designer in Delhi NCR, you need to be creative enough to think out of the box in designer the interiors of a home of an office. Becoming an interior designer is no simple task. You need to have a firm determination to become an Interior Designer in Delhi. You need to have in depth knowledge of several things you need to become an interior designer. Many people have the dream of becoming an interior designer but lack abilities to become one. Many people become an interior designer but do not stay in the field for long due to the lack of skills. Here in this article, we will give suggestion and knowledge about the things that you should consider to become an Office Interior Designer in Delhi.

Interior Decorator vs. Interior Designer?

People easily get confused between a designer and a decorator. An interior decorator is the one who decides the fabrics and colors to decorate the room. An interior designer, along with these tasks, has some more complex tasks. Interior designer must be able to manage the lights in a room, manage the space everything that is placed in the room among others. An interior designer must help in designing and installing of the flooring of a room. He / she must have knowledge about the kind of furniture and infrastructure that goes into a room. An interior designer has the task of first making a design using CAD and then implementing the same in the real time. If you can understand all these differences between a decorator and designer, only then you can aspire to be an Interior Designer in Gurgaon.


Until recently, there was no formal education and training that was to a person aspiring to be an interior designer. But training has become mandatory these days. There are many institutions and Interior Designing Firm in Delhi who give formal training to people and then absorb them into their real time work. This training can be of one, two or three years depending on the level of designer you want to be. They teach you things about designing furniture, CAD, ergonomics, architecture etc. By the end of these training and courses, you will be able to take up a real time project of Interior Designing in Gurgaon.

Work Environment

Office Interior designers in Delhi do not work alone. They are a part of a larger designer team in which each individual has a specific task. The clients might come up with the working environments in which designers need to either install a new infrastructure in their office or renovate the existing ones. You, as an interior designer must be able to take up the task and deliver it well before the deadline.


An interior designer gets paid depending on the job he / she has done. For a bigger project, you get paid more and for a smaller one you get paid less. Sometimes, there will not be any payment if you fail to satisfy your clients with your work.

Hence, the above are the parameters that you should have knowledge about if you opt to become an interior designer.

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