How to conduct a UX review

I was invited to conduct a UX review for a start up called Investrix Ltd based in London. The main points I was made aware of pre review were:

  1. iOS app, in Alpha
  2. Hyperlocal product
  3. April/May release target

Why: The founder, Syed Ahmad is very driven to deliver everyday Halal services to Muslims and non Muslims alike within a few clicks in the app ,the opportunity to make the unpredictable scenarios of eating/praying easier when you are out is what the app wants to simplify for the user. This app is aimed at everyone, they loved talking about the inclusive nature of this service and the potential of where it grows beyond MLP+

The important things to have front of mind when conducting UX reviews are:

  1. WHY: Ask what problem it is they are trying to solve
  2. WHAT: Ask about the goal(s) of the service/product
  3. HOW: Observe the documented user journeys — test if they succeed as per intentions
  4. Ask if there is a persona(s) to be aware of
  5. Be neutral — don’t get attached or involved from your own mindset or state of opinions
  6. Take your findings to recommend better funnels in the user flows where observed
  7. Talk about confusion points — explain why you felt like this
  8. Highlight ease of use points — explain what felt good about these points


  1. The problem they are solving is valid and needs to be championed to meet the demand in the market
  2. Wire framing is priceless and must come before UI concepts
  3. User flows are useful to cover all key journeys — don’t miss any out to save time
  4. User research will determine the shape of this new app -get it in front of as many users as possible =take note of their every observation
  5. Find the themes and patterns that will evolve from feedback
  6. Utilise existing libraries that will help shape the quality of the design language
  7. Never give up

I have high hopes for the team working to build Halal Place , they believe in the goals and in their own words:

We’re more motivated to solve this problem, rather than think about the money

I believe that good design is good will, as per Paul Rand said. I live by that design code and it keeps me focused on what I do everyday and way. The simplicity of it is pure and that is why designing and building products are hard, but extremely rewarding. The team fall into this category.

Best of luck to Syed and his team, their intentions and what seems like constant iteration in times of uncertainty and new grounds is admirable and filled me with positivity. You can follow them here to learn more or get involved by signing up for early access here.

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