Forbidden Diary

“ You never know a value of life, unless it grows within you ”

Everyone is aware of the latest new fashion trends,salary appraisals,big bang theory, advance of science from innovation technology to the bitcoin technology. But where is the further development in our religious methodology.. Jeez,I sound like a nagging granny. This story would be in words of a little baby girl born in an orthodox family.

22nd september,1987:

Born on a inauspicious day is considered a bad omen, never knew I will be judged with the day am born. Neither my mom is aware of this orthodox mentality. When the news of my arrival hit the floor, my dad had shattered thinking “ its a baby girl ”.. Am sorry Dad,I didn’t get any tiny weeny coz its your little sperm which didn’t hit the right target to bring a boy.. Am a little girl, maybe days old.. I love everything in the world. i love you and mom.. But it doesn’t imply I am easily flattered, it may also mean I will punch your face if you keep sulking. I am a beautiful little diva and when I opened my eyes I see you wondering right on my face.. I never knew I was the reason for all your misery, coz am hardly responsible for any things that may go wrong in your life. As predicted by your loser fortune teller. Is it my fault,to be born as a girl or on a inauspicious day.. Wow, dad you took me in your arms. I love the warmth of your gentle hug. I feel safe. But why are you proceeding your hand to my neck.. Oh dad, didn’t you learn in school? Babies are fragile. It hurts me. I cant breathe. I look at my mom, she’s asleep. Why is some old lady tagging along with you, and an old man too. Please, my dad is unable to handle me. Take me in your hands, I’ll play with you. Nooooooo,what you doing!? Well Miss, Am a baby I need to be handled carefully. What are you trying to do.. Don’t just squeeze my neck.. I am a full fledged baby.. Oh my, his hands are still proceeding to kill me…. Mommmmmmmmmmmm, I started crying and my mom rose swiftly to see “Whats going on.. what are you trying to do!?”. She yelled, she’s been made quiet and verbally abused for bearing a girl child.. She gave a quick slap to everyone, and took me in her hands and ran away.. Finally, she was stopped by my own dad who is having a burning rage in his eyes to kill me.. I have closed my eyes.. Now am in different place, Am I dead???? Oh no, my mom must be crying and waiting for me.. Nope, am in another safe embrace am being pampered… Wowww, is it just a dream.. why do hundred’s of lights flashing on me.. is this heaven!? No ,its someother place and my mom she’s safe.. and she just stood brave against the word in this world, so called “female infanticide and against it..” I could’ve died, but my mom she saved me.. Love you mother…. Hope, I will be accepted in this world..Lemme see, what future holds on to me…

Writer’s words;

Am extremely sorry for any grammatical errors. I will definitely improve in my future story, if you are wishing to read it further.. thank you for your patience.

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