Final app submission

I have completed a webapp called “Reviewer- a fake smartphone review monitoring system”.
It is a website where one can post reviews about their used smartphones. 
The System uses sentimental analysis (opinion mining) to detect and report the fake reviews to the admin. 
The admin can then manually view those suspected reviews and remove them if he finds them really fake.
It also has a Suggestion forum where one can ask and clarify any queries regarding the smartphone purchase.
Here is the demo video:
Here is the link to my webapp:

Now, I like to thank the Hasura Team for giving me an internship opportunity. It is a great journey for me. I have learnt a lot about server-side programming using node.js . I also learnt about git basics. This internship improved my technical wisdom a lot. All of this is because of Hasura. I again thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Special thanks to Tanmai Sir, Ashish Sir, and Arpit Sir, who guided me throughout the internship.


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