I decided to share with you the best practices that I use in working with my projects. You can use these approaches when creating a startup or testing a new product hypothesis.

Checklist for testing the viability of a startup:

1. Come up with an idea and describe it using the following logic:

  • Summary of the idea in…

Hard financial consultant in a startup is a godsend for any team. But if you have no one, save this article and use given advice!

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HSE incubator and their team are excellent! Today I was on their open pitch for entrepreneurs for the second time.

Well, what I noted. There were an awesome format and mechanics that allow the community to grow quickly:

· Start-ups pitched their projects;

· People…

“Amazon cardboard box character figurine” by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

Russian version on Telegram blog

I wrote an article on the journey and forgot about it, so I decided to share. I was wondering how Amazon had suffered losses for several years and Apple had been profitable for decades, but the company’s capitalization is both above a trillion dollars. …

Russian version on Telegram blog

I decided to post here not only information about business, utility for technology entrepreneurs, and investment content, but also to share something personal with you. The exception will be only my relationship and family, the rest I will try. …

Today we will talk about young companies’ economy, to be more precise, economy per one user.

Unit economics is a profit or loss calculations per one customer.

In fact, it is an answer to the following questions: does the company has a financial sense? Are there any reasons for company’s…

Alexey Shabarshin

General Partner@pre-seed VC fund, co-founder@eva.academy, PhD@Lomonosov MSU with the topic "Autonomous startup scoring model and investment DM system. AI, ML”

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