Inevitables of next 5 Years

Surveillances, RansomWare, WannaCry etc are just the early snapshots about how the future would look like. Digital privacy and protection would be the worried subject of future on which we will be spending and discussing more. As we go more smart we would require to protect this smartness and that is when it will give birth to “Smart Digital Protection Plans”. The way we currently spend or budget for our insurance, healthcare, housing, luxury and education etc another instrument of Digital protection would be added to our list.

So mind smartly what you consume, what you read, what you click, what you download and what info you share online or over a call by means of text, images/photos and videos etc. As techies we know at the end it is all bits and pieces of code which can we manipulated and then can be either used FOR or AGAINST you. You remember on your social networking sites you are being asked to recognise and tag your friends from photos and videos? It is actually a code which runs through the code of images and videos to find similar, matching and facial structures to suggest you contextually.

So beware, be smart and be alert

Apart from the above point in future we will be discussing more about Artificial Intelligence, Design, Global Climate change and disaster management, IoT, Green Energy, Smart Healthcare, Smart Education and CHINA. Do you think why I singled out China? Yeah it is inevitable that Dragon would take long flights.

Did you observe Why Apple looks more interested in China and invests there heavily?

Why Mark Zuckerberg is learning Chinese?

Why VCs like SoftBank is heavily investing in Chinese companies like DiDi Chuxing?

and China’s latest OBOR (One Belt One Road) initiative (spending $800 Billion in next five years)

In next 5 years Dragon will spread the wings and all businesses would be compelled to recalibrate. World would realise that learning Chinese language is mandatory and tech world would learn new defaults and experiences.

Marketing and Sales people would be moving to new shores like Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan etc.

So better start early — Be Alert, Learn and Explore :)