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Things which annoy a user to complete his/her shopping

I’m online shopper like many are and fascinated with online shopping concept which has brought in incomparable convenience to many like us. It definitely has saved many hours of time to people but in order to make the eCommerce experience always near to the needs of customers we as designers need to constantly test the customer experience that we have designed and update where ever is needed.

I would highlight here two problems which I’ve faced while shopping on Amazon which in my opinion can be solved with technology already available by doing some minor change.

Problem 1:

I’ve observed many times when Amazon delivery person comes to deliver the consignments he always calls me from certain distance or from main road that where is my exact location in spite of mentioning my delivery address as precise as possible.

I always anticipate that this time they should be knowing my address as I’ve many times come out to help them to locate or receive the consignments from main road. It is not something which is due to problem in my address but due to delivery team which is not same for every delivery — they keep on changing.

It is repeating and annoying too. I think Amazon and the likes has to go back to technology and seek the solutions, overall it is customer experience which matter in business.

Possible Solution:

Amazon delivery teams are carrying their smart gadgets with them on delivery either to get signature from customer or to update the system with ‘consignment delivered’. This application is connected via internet to main server.

I think there should be an option for delivery member to capture the customer’s location on their smart phone (if it is not captured before) and then save that location in customer account with appropriate address.

In future if delivery team finds himself lost they can simple open customer location on their app and follow location on map and then deliver.

Note: May be Amazon app might be having this option and delivery team is not using it, but yeah by not using they definitely annoy their customers.

Problem 2:

Suppose I buy a product which is priced at $400 and then I move towards the checkout. In one of the steps before payments the checkout system is prompting me “your total shopping is not eligible for free shipping and you need to shop more about $50 in order to get FREE shipping from Amazon” or you can go ahead to complete shopping but yeah with extra shipping charges.

But now the question comes in my mind how to find products which may interest me and are in price range of $50 in order to get free shipping? Currently I have seen Amazon shopping experience doesn’t help customer in such situation appropriately. There are some recommended products shown based on customer’s previous search results etc. but not appropriate which would help a customer to complete the shopping.

Possible Solution:

In place of recommended products show products which falls into this price range on the same page which are based on his previous search results and some random products but having same price range.

Customers can then select any product of their interest and then complete their shopping.

I think the observance of problems and striving hard to find the possible solutions should be continuous for a designer and that is what makes him/her a designer who solves problems.

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If you had faced such problems with eCommerce sites mention in comments and the possible solution which you would think would be ideal.

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