My Journey From “Rs 99 CEO” to $10000 Ad Revenue, Breaking Down Emotionally.

Fantasies were a part of my daily routine. Driving luxury cars, fine-dining and exquisite shopping were attached to my dreams. I was 15 years old.

Fuck! Yes! I was on my way to board examinations and I was still middle class. Thanks to the education system in my country. An intermediate, with a degree in Science major but no interest and knowledge and command on the subject.

Life fucks all. Engineering was the most hated and feared department and I was into it. First day of my college broke me. Demotivation everywhere, whether it be my seniors or classmates. Everyone there spoke of the growth in unemployment amongst engineers.

However, I managed to complete the first 6 years hanging out with friends boozing to the heights. Whenever I boozed, I met my dreams. A power insisted me to do something. Do something valuable. Do something people like.

Explore Civil started. With a DIY builder and a domain name, I stepped into the world of 99 Rs CEOs. No offences but I started a website, updated my Facebook profile as “CEO & Founder of Explore Civil” and felt proud.

Everyone was talking about me in college, in neighborhood. I got value amongst my known. This happened for another 6 months and then the buzz was over. I was an asshole with a website and no money. Everyone thought that I earned money (a lot). This created a trap for me, unintentionally I lied about my income, to save my image, afraid of being called a LOSER.

Another 3 months. I was breaking down emotionally, motivationally as well as financially. Website needs hosting expenses. My website looked dull. I wrote articles about Civil Engineering, a subject I was weak at. One day, I met someone. Someone who motivated me like heaven. Advised me like a brother. Supported me when no one was beside me.

Following his advice, I started focusing on my studies. Improved my skills. Learned every aspect of Civil Engineering. Migrated to professional servers and WordPress. Started writing according to what readers want. Not on what I liked. My blog grew in traffic. Not much. But it grew.

I met him and discussed the results. He advised me to build Social Media Fans. Followed his advice, focused on the same and tried my best. One of the most important habits to become successful is to read and learn. I learned the art of Social Media Marketing.

Another 6 months passed. I grew my fan base to 40,000 on Facebook and 20,000 on Twitter. Traffic grew to 5,00,000 pageviews. One of the best moments of my life. The time came to approach advertisers. But, life fucks all. I continued trying everyday for another 6 months and none responded. I was like “Why the hell I started Explore Civil. Better I would have focused on my studies.” I was like “dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghaat ka”.

Frustration led my mind. And I abused that person. I regret it till now. He was calm. He said “Every business has a magic point, you have to wait and struggle to achieve it. After that magic does everything.” Some secrets (real gems) and pieces of advice. He told me to rest for 3 days and realize why advertisers reject me. However, I didn’t believed him. I was completely broken.

I emailed some more advertisers keeping in mind my past mistakes and his advice. 7 days passed but nothing happened. I tried opening my hosting account to cancel it. Just close this shit, I thought.

Magic happened. I forgot my hosting account details by that time. I checked my email to reset my password. And one advertiser agreed to pay $10000 for 6 months of banner ads. I was like “WTF!”. Shaking tremendously, I called him and cried.

I own Explore Civil. Founded ArtiWards afterwards. Explore Civil is well grown with a social network for Civil Engineers. Magic really happens. Just wait for it.