When I first graduated from Wyncode Academy in January 2018, I was eager to find my footing in Miami’s tech scene. Not only was I striving to be the best I could be as a software engineer, and advocate for tech, I was also thinking of ways to merge my knack for creativity with my newly acquired trade.

I remember one night I was hanging out with some of my cohort buddies. We were trying to digest newfound information like programming syntax, how to navigate through the terminal/CLI (Command Line Interface) and understanding version control systems like Github. We would…

Having pivoted into technology shortly before my first tech job, I was headstrong about learning as much as I can and ready to prove myself. That meant, doing whatever it took to be seen and acknowledged in my new role.

A lot of us find ourselves playing utility, but what exactly does that mean? In sports, a utility player is one who can play several positions competently. In software engineering, that means being able to jump from the codebase to the CRM, to being the first line support, or defense ;). For junior engineers, this sometimes means being tasked with……

Shablé Harris

Bridging my loves of art, community and technology ✨

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