Seeking to live healthy by organic food

Global warming… no farm around or even green patch, dusty environment, sun stroke, bacteria filled air and food but still have to work full time by draining yourself to have good lifestyle which you can afford it , to perform good and be noticeable in your work by your performance, make sure not to gain weight or get any diseases so do physical activity in gym as a monotonous task and we all end up eating harmful vegetables and fruits which have been harvested by toxic chemicals which are more dangerous for our health but we don’t realize it unless we get through any particular health problem like throat infection, indigestion or some critical diseases.

We can not have our personal farm or garden living in the metro city where four people family live compact and adjust ad-hoc guests or any friend. This vanishes our thought to have organically grown, without chemically soaked vegetables. But there is a ray of hope by planning to grow vegetables by our own though it can be in very small quantity but which can suffice for a small compact family.

It gives a different pleasure to see new leaf, small buds on the brinjal plant and to chop self-grown coriander :)

Let’s plan and find out more on organic veggies which are own grown on harvest garden on our window or balcony where we can get some hours of sunlight and which can gives warmth to the plant or best way to find out a greenhouse harvested vegetables supplier like lettuce, coriander, chilies, broccoli,mini tomatoes which we can use for daily intake of salads.

This can be a solution to intake of small quantity of organic supply and live healthy in the metro city to live in a healthy manner :)