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Applying for the O1 artist visa — the toughest part is the waiting

If 5 years ago, someone told me that I would live in New York City, I would never have believed them. But, here I am 2.5 years in, living and hustling in New York City. Often I don’t understand why I would want to live here. New York City at its best, sucks. That’s the beauty of this city.

Having a work permit as an international in the current political landscape is tough. Either your company would sponsor your H1B visa or you find someone who’s willing to marry you. Neither option works for me. I decided to take the difficult route, getting an O1 visa based on my travel blog and writing achievements. The USCIS define O1 as the visa for individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement. According to the USCIS, in 2014, there were 83,000 people entered this country with the O1 visa, nearly tripled in

How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next 6 months

the past decade. I thought, how do I show my ‘extraordinariness’? The famous venture capitalist Peter Thiel said, “How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next 6 months?” That’s it! Fulfilling the application requirements made me think, work, and move on a survival mode. You gotta know why you want this in the first place and keep that WHY 5 centimeters above your head. It’s a process that tested me physically and mentally. It made me achieve my 5-year career goals in 10 months, regardless of whether the government will grant my visa or not. At the same time, I’m holding two part-time jobs, growing my website, and building my writing portfolios. In summary, the process required me to be extraordinary NOW, not tomorrow or in 5 years time.

The process is a bureaucratic mess.

This Waiting Time Is True Nightmare

I’ve been waiting for four months and it is stressing me out. The government keeps changing its policy. USCIS adjudicators according to their discretion, right now, can deny an application, petition, or request without first issuing a Request for Evidence (RFE). My family in Indonesia does not know the process.

Every day feels like

I’m risking all of my savings. To quote an O1 lawyer from HuffPost Personal,“The process is a bureaucratic mess.” Yet, despite this, I know whatever the result, the process has given me so much more.