Why we ditched the “Google Maps SDK For Web” and moved to “TomTom Maps SDK For Web”

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Jul 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Google Maps now ask users to add Credit Card info even if they just want to have Google Maps Embed into their website. That is un-necessary for startup like us. Users need the api to embed the maps into their website and will be charged if the api call is more than the limit of 200$. If you dont add Credit Card details the map will show a water mark with “For development purposes only” and with low quality which will ruin your business.

So, We decided to move to TomTom Maps SDK for Web.

I will show you how to ditch Google Maps and Add TomTom Maps to your website.


  1. Register/Sign in to TomTom Developer Portal.
  2. Request an evaluation API key to access the service you want to use the SDK with.
  3. Download the Maps SDK for Web.

You can follow all the examples here: https://developer.tomtom.com/maps-sdk-web/functional-examples

This is how our website looks after moving to TomTom maps (Using live traffic api)

TomTom provides really good example on how to add different functionalities which is way better than the Google Maps.

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