Joining a Circle Made of Squares (or blocks)

Today, I’m happy to say that I’m joining ConsenSys, a venture studio in Brooklyn serving and investing in the best and brightest people building with Ethereum. The company exudes so many of the values and people I had been searching for and I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of “the mesh.” If you know me, you know that I love frontier technologies and their potential to create a more equitable, just, secure, and creative society. If you’ve never met a crypto-head at a dinner party/drinks that has shared the possibilities beyond short term trading, you’re missing out.

There is no other company of this size with greater ambition and potential to change the world than ConsenSys. In just the past year, they have grown from 100 to 550+ FTEs in 23+ countries, 9+ offices and show no signs of stopping. Why is it that young startup founders, seasoned executives, creatives, tinkerers, and investors of so many backgrounds are clamoring to get in? I believe it’s driven by many things: distrust of the establishment, a desire for more accountability, a hunger for the next wave of innovation and even a desire for more individual liberty.

We vote everyday. We vote with our time. We vote with our money. We vote with what we say, with what we do and most importantly what we love. Human beings were made to love and be loved. Technology can enable us or hamstring us to do this. We create the world we want. Consider joining the mesh. If you have the luxury to align what you love, what you’re good at, what you can be paid for and what the world needs, then this could be your new home. A few key links below for those interested. *bear with us, a new site launched today.

To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of companies aka “spokes” ConsenSys is involved with, see a selection below:

  • MetaMask — Your go to Ether wallet and connection to Dapps and smart contracts.
  • Infura — Easy to use blockchain infrastructure that is scalable, reliable and secure for Ethereum and IPFS.
  • Truffle Suite — The most popular development framework for Ethereum.
  • uPort — Self-sovereign identity in your hands. Your reputation and preferences.
  • Grid+ — Better energy management for all.
  • Gitcoin — Monetize and incentivize open source software.
  • OmegaOne — The smarter way to trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Ujo Music — Power to the artist. Ethereum managed artistic identity and licensing management.
  • Virtue Poker — The safer and trustless way to play online poker.
  • A number of stealth projects I can’t talk about.

Our Founder/CEO, Joe Lubin, speaking from the heart as to why so many are excited about this technology. Worth a watch.

Special shout outs to the friends, family and the NY startup/tech community for helping me these past few months through coffee and meals. :) The world needs more people like you: adventure partner Kimberely Cheng, Gary Chou (and Orbital Fam), Brian Scordato (Tacklebox), Gabe Anderson (VaynerMedia), James George (Depthkit/Simile), Brittany Laughlin (Lattice), Chris Tsai (Affirm), Shai/Jeremy/Scott (SVB), Bob Wu (SocialStarts/Teleport/AATE), Joe Rizk, Eric Tang (Livepeer), Albert Lee (NEA/Reboot), Eliot Durbin (Boldstart), Craig Shapiro (Collab), Garyvee + the VaynerFam and countless others.

Shout out to my new team at ConsenSys Labs! Couldn’t be more excited to work with you Ron, Thomas, Alex, John, Mark. Women of crypto/POC, please hit me up, we’re actively looking for you.

My email new email is, drop me a line if you’re interested in building with Ethereum or if you’re apart of “the mesh” and I haven’t met you. Here’s to new beginnings and supporting a world we all want to live in.