A Game of Truth!

Truth- a word which demands the fact or reality. Telling truth is ideal and is a quality one most have. But to be truthful in your life, to friends, to your family and most importantly to your self, needs guts. One must not be afraid of the consequences of telling the truth.

Let us all think for a moment, that today in the whole day, how many times have we lied? It can be to save yourself or a colleague or you lied to not hurt one. Study shows that on average, we lie 3 times every 10 min of conversation, 60% have a hard time without lying at least once. Most lies are harmless white lies like “Nice haircut” or “Yeah, all is good!”. Let us take a look at these two sentences- “You lied to him about having a good haircut” and “ You fake complimented him for his haircut”. The other one sounds better, right? But still, it is a lie.

We lie to keep people happy. We lie to save ourselves some trouble. We lie for our benefits or some good cause. Lying for anything is not a good thing. Lying is easy and telling the truth is tough but it is for our own good to tell truth. There are 100 lies to cover one lie. But if you tell truth, it is only one time. Telling truth is painful to both the parties, the one who is telling and the one who is being told. But it is for the betterment of both, no matter how bitter it is.

As I said lying is easy, I want to challenge everybody to play this game of truth. Find a partner, another player, like your mom or your best friend. And decide to tell each other truth and only truth. I bet you will prefer not to speak but won’t be honest because you are afraid that you might hurt opposite party. But take the risk, be truthful but also, at the same time, try to put the truth as gently as you can. Because, as we have a habit of lying, people also have a habit of listening to those lies.

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