My Happy Place!

You know when you are too nervous or anxious in your life and feel helplessly hopeless to be happy or feel confident? If you know this feeling then what do you do to overcome that? What is your secret to keep your worries, fears and frustration aside and put that smile on your face?

Well, when I am in such situation and cannot find any reason to be happy or feel cheerful, I visit my happy place. Visiting the happy place here does not mean that I physically drive myself to some place but I simply feel it inside me. We all have those precious memories from past which we never wanted to end. We have sentimental values attached to them. They mean so much to us. Memories are so beautiful. They can’t be changed, manipulated or repeated. They can only be relived in your heart. They can be re-created but the first time holds a different importance.

My happy place is the first time I saw my little brother. I remember, I was 6 year old then and just a year ago my uncle and aunt had a son. Their son was a fair child. And I thought that all the babies are fair. But when I saw my brother for the first time I said “Why is our baby not fair?” and I was upset. But the I touched his dark brown skin and I fell in love with him. He was my baby brother and more importantly I was his big sister. And since that fortunate day, I found my happy place.

The best part about happy places is there can be as many as you like. When you visit them, that is when you close your eyes and feel that strong connection to that moment, a smile flourishes across your face. This feeling is like sensing the fresh breeze against your face. So, visit your happy place every now and then to feel better, to feel more connected to the life.

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