Getting out of a funk

Every once in a while, I fall into a self destructive pattern where things become overwhelming & I feel stunted creatively and mentally (the flip side of working in a startup, u can say).While this might not be the worst thing in the word, it sure is emotionally and mentally draining.

Having just gone though a pretty rough patch in my professional life, there are few things which I figured work for me. A word of caution before we start, these methods will need you to put in some work and none of these involve taking out time to pamper yourself or reading inspirational tumblr quotes.

1. Getting some physical activity: A few months ago, I read an article which said, “If you are stuck mentally, move physically”. I couldn’t agree more. There is something about going on a run, lifting some weights or even putting on your favorite song and shaking a leg which seems to make your brain tick. So rather than staring blank into space or watching mindless television, I put on my sports shoes and head out

2. Picking up even the smallest bit and finish it: They say start your day by eating that proverbial frog. However when you have a mountain of a task ahead of you and motivation levels are zilch, it is easy to just procrastinate. So on the contrary, I prefer to start with the easiest bit, something as simple as replying to the pending mails. Cause many times a start is all that is required.

3. Stick to your routine: This is one gem of a trick which works everytime. I make a mental note of my day’s tasks and stick to it as closely as possible. On some of my worst days(when I am tempted to toss everything in the bin and just give up), it is as vague as:

> Get out of bed

>Show up at the office

>Have meals at proper times.

So even if you are going about your day in the most robotic manner, checking off the basic things creates a positive feedback loop and keeps you going.

4. Reach out: I used to be someone, who would discuss each problem in depth with my close ones. I believed that talking about it would make it better. But off late, I have realized that repeating the same thing over and over again serves no good.

However I still believing in reaching out, albeit in a more constructive manner. I run through the issues at hand and think of specific steps which can resolve the issue. Then I reach out to people who can help me accomplish those steps. Many a times, it is not even an actual person, little bit of research on the internet usually provides the answers.