My Codesmith NYC Experience: T Minus 9 Weeks

Week three has come and gone and has taken AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and our first guest speaker with it!
Our hourly 2 min workouts (left), Evan Wang from Seer Aerospace (middle). Our first birthday celebration (right).

Oh My Word, Backend!

From diving deep into Angular’s MVC design pattern to building a server with vanilla Node and then building a web scraper ( yes, I said WEB SCRAPER! ) using Express, to say this week has been invigorating would not do it justice!

The fact that I love backend is not news to me, but finally getting to Node and Express just reminded me of that truth. It is always the algorithmic challenges that consistently draw me into programming and backend development seems to quench that thirst quite well. To say the least, week three has been my favorite week thus far!

Working with Node gave me a bit of déjà vu. I had been there before, just a year ago when I built a web application using Express during my second internship. I vividly remember spending over three days on what seemed to be a bug, but ended up being a result of the asynchronous nature of JavaScript, revealing my deep lack of understanding of JavaScript in general. Coming back to Node and Express after having lived and breathed JavaScript for the past couple of months really resolved any unanswered questions that remained from the last time I had built with Node. Not to mention that working with vanilla Node before diving into using Express, gave me a deeper understanding to not just why Express is so great, but also to servers and why JavaScript outside of the browser was and still is such a revolutionary concept.

The First of Many

To compliment the amazing units of the week, we also had our very first guest speaker!

Co-founder of Seer Aerospace, Evan Wang, visited the Codesmith’s NYC headquarters to give us a very well detailed and informative talk of the beginning challenges and current solutions of Seer Aerospace. Seer Aerospace is a startup in its early years that offers raw data feeds of air craft travels, which helps businesses make informed decisions. Wang mentioned that their subscribers primarily consist of air craft part suppliers that can use the data that they provide to contribute to their market intelligence and, as a result, make better decisions when it comes to predicting which air crafts may need parts. In addition to describing the technologies that Seer Aerospace uses and how their data is obtained, Wang also detailed the many challenges that come with building a company that is heavily dependent on large sums of data on a very small budget and how they overcame them. I think I can speak for all attendees when I say that Wang’s intelligible presentation left us very informed and inspired to find and build solutions with technology.

Coming Up

What’s next you ask?

Databases is what!

Stay tuned for next week’s post where I will be detailing my first tech-talk. I’ll give you a hint on the topic: it’s instant and very real.

Thanks for reading!