Startups’ Ammunition

Startups do not deserve the old world agency services

  1. While agencies offer ideas, startups want results.

2. While agencies admire the aesthetics, startups focus on usability.

3. While agencies talk in terms of ROI, startups care about real impact.

What if digital marketing is all about what start-ups want?

  1. Results

2. Usability

3. Impact

Well, that’s what real marketing is.

Once We Wanted To Be A Startup

We ran campaigns for seven years.Then Start-up bug bit us.
 We built a product for online communities. It tanked.
But, it changed how we did digital marketing.
We realised…

  1. It doesn’t have to imitate traditional marketing.
  2. It also does not have to be about social media only.
  3. It should be about sales, real users and more business.

A Five Step Process

  1. Start by knowing your audience.
  2. Make the purpose crystal clear.
  3. Focus on right metrics.
  4. Quality content, not quantity.
  5. Keep decision journal.

Are you looking to…

  1. Increase your registrations?
  2. Grow your audience?
  3. Build a community around your product?

I can help you with the

  1. Campaigns.
  2. Content.
  3. Audience Insights.


  • Start with 45 days campaign.
  • Use insights from Research Shack.
  • Simple pricing (per week).

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