Remove Duplicates, Fix Broken Album Art in iCloud Music Library

Taming a Mammoth Music Collection (no, this is not me).
  • Ideally perfect integration with the music collections we’ve painstakingly massaged and perfected
  • The best discovery/recommendation features I’ve seen on any streaming service (because humans)
  • Seamless collection integration between desktop, laptop and phone
  • Ability to keep the super-rich slicing and dicing made possible by the iTunes interface

Why Do I Have Bad Cover Art?

  • Store a cloud copy that’s uniquely yours (which is inefficient and could lead to you ending up with a worse version than you could have if you had used their copy).
  • Do some guesswork and figure that your copy of a track or album actually does match something similar that they already have. But what counts as “similar enough to match?” Fuzzy territory there. People’s collections are a freaking mess. This can’t be easy.

Why Do I Have Duplicate Tracks?

How to Fix Duplicate Tracks

How to Fix Bad Cover Art

Young Rebels??? How iTunes guessed that this was the right cover art for Funkadelic’s “One Nation Under a Groove” is anyone’s guess. Most likely it started by matching a single uploaded track and incorrectly pegging it as part of a compilation. Then, later, when the rest of the album was uploaded, it applied the wrong artwork to the whole album.
On the host Mac, it’s shown correctly. So why didn’t it upload correctly? C’mon, Apple. Much work to do here.
Select all tracks in the album, then cmd-x, cmd-v to replace the artwork.
Now the client Mac shows the correct artwork.




Djangonaut at Energy Solutions, Oakland. Dad. Geocacher. Treehugger.

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Scot Hacker

Scot Hacker

Djangonaut at Energy Solutions, Oakland. Dad. Geocacher. Treehugger.

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