My MozFest Experience and First Talk

Shadab Hussain
Nov 28, 2018 · 3 min read

My first MozFest. I had already heard so much about it and was full of anticipation while traveling to London. MozFest exceeded all my expectations. We live in a time when you sometimes just want to bury your head in the sand after reading the morning news. That’s precisely why the people at MozFest, their inspiring work and goals reminded me that being hopeful is worth it.

This was my first time in London as well, and this wouldn’t be possible without the people who supported me mentally, financially and wholeheartedly. A huge shout out for supporting my travel and accommodation to the Mozilla Foundation (Robby, Yo, Amanda, you were so helpful and kind) and supporters from Launchgood (Amina, Aman and all those who contributed without being knowing me).

The MozFest 2018 speaker series was the most dynamic one yet. There were seven solo talks and four panels, exploring topics like AI’s Collateral Damage and Data in Oppressive Regimes. Participants included privacy researchers, a former FBI special agent, misinformation experts, and the inventor of the World Wide Web. The talks and panels that unfolded across the weekend inspired participants to write code, swap ideas, and launch campaigns to make the internet a healthier place.

I was facilitator for Tweet-Driven MozFest-Storytelling (Speaker Deck, Youtube and Kaggle Kernel) session wherein we learnt about Social Media Analytics. In the session, we did hands-on demo for extracting the live tweets with #hashtag — “mozfest2018”, created wordcloud for most commonly used words, plotted location on the world map to check from which all part of the world people are tweeting about MozFest and performed sentiment analysis on the tweet data.

Even as part of Open Leadership Cohort 6, I shared my project of bridging in demand skill-gap in Data-Science and Machine-Learning by creating curated resources and by providing training, discussed with others and got valuable feedback to work upon. This whole event was full of learning, sharing the common vision and making relations instead of just building connections.

Find out my name if you can 😜

Shadab Hussain

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Passionate about learning and helping others learn effectively. I firmly believe that there is something to learn from everyone. LinkedIn-

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