This man loved his dogs so much, he created a company worth millions

Woof ! Woof ! — It’s business time. If you ever thought that your love for the pets can’t become your pay check, think again. Meet Rana Atheya, the founder and CEO of — India’s largest pet store.

“I am a dog lover since childhood. I would pick street puppies and bring them home,” Atheya spoke at Josh Meets in Jaipur. What started as a hobby turned into a massive company worth crores. With big investors including Tata, India Quotient and Ronnie Screwala, continues to grow.

The company claims to have delivered over 700,000 pet products across the country in 2015. Currently, it does about 60,000 orders on a monthly basis with an average basketsize of Rs 1,700. According to Atheya, the company is the highest visited pet web portal in the country.

Hear Atheya unwrap his enthralling journey towards entrepreneurship in the featured video.

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