Stress is a universal element of the modern human practice, and while some ‘stress’ is appropriate, even useful, it is also clear that too much ‘stress’ can be quite harmful, and can compromise the health of an individual physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Role of Ayurveda in Stress

Ayurveda offers a different yet beautiful perspective on stress management, but to better understand it, the article will first discover the probable consequences of excess stress and establish a proper understanding of the response of humans through tension.

There are following five steps to mitigate the stress,

1. To slow down

2. To indulge in quality self-care

I. To take a…

Too much stress and anxiety often shift to severe depression. This issue is solely responsible for ruining the mental peace of an individual. In India, this problem is increasing with bitter consequences. Experts are repeatedly talking about mental health care and concern. People are likely to get rid of their mental health problems through professional medication.

There are many Ayurvedic treatment centers in general or Ayurvedic clinic in Gurgaon to be particular, that recommend superb medicines as a bright solution to such problems.

From time immemorial, people have relied on Ayurveda and its treatments. Be it skin problems or weight issues, herbal spices or medicines have so much to serve their patients. The ayurvedic herbs for skin have always been of great effect on the users. In the case of depression, specialists prescribe some special herbal medicines that can prove out to be an effective remedy for getting rid of mental health issues. …

Originating in ancient India, Ayurveda translates to life “Ayur” science “Veda”. The practice of Ayurveda goes beyond medicine; it is a lifestyle one has to follow to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

How do you choose?

Every Ayurvedic weight loss diet plan involves incorporating certain practices in your food intake habit. These include changing the quality of the food you eat based on the dosha of your body.

Your dosha refers to the dominant composition or energy of your body. There are primarily three types which are derived from the five elements of air, water, space, fire, and earth. …

Ayurveda stems from ancient Indian practices and is a popular healing technique. This form of alternative medicine involves the concept of general wellness and health. Around 70% of the Indian population uses Ayurveda as primary health care.

There is an Ayurvedic treatment for mostly everything. Even ayurvedic massage for weight loss has helped people worldwide to overcome issues related to excessive weight. Ayurvedic healing processes use various herbs, oils, minerals, ashes, and spices resulting in better body and mind.

Popular natural substances used

Along with exercise, these natural Ayurvedic substances do wonders for your health:

  1. Turmeric

Every Indian household utilizes turmeric. Most dishes extensively use this spice for flavor and health benefits. Turmeric contains 3% curcumin which is an active compound with several benefits.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that promotes blood flow and protects the heart. It also increases brain levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s and depression. Every ayurvedic clinic in Gurgaon recommends using turmeric in our daily lives. However, large amounts at one time lead to an upset stomach. …

The widespread of India’s diversity has helped people across the world in many ways. One of the exceptional beneficiaries that originated from India is the famous ayurvedic massage. This ancient technique of providing massage has been trending for years and has helped millions of people to get immediate relief from various ailments.

What is an ayurvedic massage?

The first word ‘ayurvedic’ in this form of massage accounts for the use of Ayurveda field of medical science. This discipline of treatment believes in the cure of disease by natural practices such as herbal medicines, yoga, meditation, etc. It is an ancient technique that has been used by Indian vaids and saints to provide relief from the daily discomfort. It uses natural oils made of herbs and plants without any use of chemicals. …

Worried about your skin feeling dull and aged? Most of us experience the effects of our lifestyle, pollution, and more as we age. The effects often get accumulated and cause various skin issues that get hard to eliminate. If you are facing with skin problems, it is time you opt for an ayurvedic skin rejuvenation therapy that suits your goals. Let us, in this article, learn about skin rejuvenation treatment benefits.

Our skin can lose its glow, and elasticity, thanks to the pollution around us, and the hormonal changes our body undergoes. Though you can use external agents like creams or remedies, they are of very little help. Home remedies or even the most expensive beauty creams cannot penetrate the skin or repair the cells that are damaged. …

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Winter has arrived and it is one of the most complex seasons for elderly people, mainly for them who are suffering from arthritis. The persistence for arthritis becomes more serious and painful during the winter days. It is mainly a joint pain or you can also say as tenderness of the joints.

Arthritis is mainly found in people aged between 60–65 years. When the cold weather starts, people suffering from arthritis experience extreme pain, swelling as well as stiffness in the joints. …

Summary: Panchakarma is as ancient and effective as Yoga. Derived from a Sanskrit word, Panchakarma means “five treatments.” The process of Panchakarma helps to eliminate the impurities from the body that are often left behind due to health ailments, pollutions or poor lifestyle.

Article Body

The human body has the ability to remove the waste effectively, but due to poor lifestyle, exercise and dietary patterns, the agnis that regulate the digestive enzymes of the body get disorganized. This thus leads to the spread of toxins, leading to disease. Such toxic waste matter is known as ama as per ayurveda. …

Summary: The role of Ayurveda in losing and gaining weight is huge and wide and are practicing by many people for very long. Ayurveda suggests that if you are applying a few essential rules of it for a few days, you will be guaranteed to see some amazing results. To lead a healthy life, it is vital to have a perfect and fit body and to attain a body that helps you throughout life Ayurveda is the best thing to adopt. …

Ayurvedic medications for body detoxification, which is also called panchakarma treatment, have gotten a ton of unique consideration from specialists and scientists the same. During the treatment, with the assistance of different ayurvedic herbs, one can expel poisons and waste items from the entire body, including even the littlest channels, improving microcirculation, which advances restoration of tissues.

Panchakarma implies five remedial estimates proposed to re-establish and purge to the body, feelings and brain. Before this remedial program, your entire body should be sanitized, Ayurveda experts thinking about that a need. Swedana and Snehana are two pre-cleaning estimates important to urge the body to discharge the poisons. At the point when the body detoxification really begins it is done in five stages: Nasya (nasal organization of Nasya — a drug which enables the body to wipe out the humour aggregated in head, sinus, and throat), Emesis treatment additionally called Vaman disposes of poisons collected in the respiratory tract by heaving, Virechana is a purgation treatment which scrubs the poisons from the body and refines blood, Raktamoksha treatment is an easy type of Panchakarma and aides by taking out the body poisons from the circulatory system through the gastrointestinal tract, Basti likewise called Enema treatment is performed by presentation of decoctions and homegrown oils into the rectum of the individual so as to alleviate Stoppage, agony, stiffness, fever, sexual issues, incessant and different torments. …


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