Stress is a universal element of the modern human practice, and while some ‘stress’ is appropriate, even useful, it is also clear that too much ‘stress’ can be quite harmful, and can compromise the health of an individual physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Role of Ayurveda in Stress

Ayurveda offers a different yet beautiful perspective on…

Summary: Panchakarma is as ancient and effective as Yoga. Derived from a Sanskrit word, Panchakarma means “five treatments.” The process of Panchakarma helps to eliminate the impurities from the body that are often left behind due to health ailments, pollutions or poor lifestyle.

Article Body

The human body has the…

Shadanga — Kerala’s Ayurveda

Shadanga is also known as Kerala’s Ayurveda Clinic & Panchakarma Centre. Providing Panchkarma treatment and Ayurvedic massage.

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