Let’s see, I have the same 24 hours in my day that Beyonce does in hers.
Alan Xak

100% agree. This article is really out of touch.

I have the luxury of being able to choose what I want to do but I have worked at companies that have ten of thousands of people that hold down two jobs making minimum wage. They have to make choices of how to get enough food on the table versus spending time with their kids or having any sort of life. They do not have the choices available to them that Beyonce or Mr Shankman, or a number of us seem to have.

His advise is great if you are in the right socioeconomic groups but the majority of people are not.

People will find this article inspiring and a others will find it really condescending and elitist. It depends on who reads it.

His point is valid but his tone does come off as really condescending. Especially the example he was giving was people unsubscribing from his paid subscription model. There is a financial motive to the approach he is advocating.

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