The author shares a body type with the very thinnest of the women in the photos “triggering” her.

It’s been a long time since I wrote this response; luckily I had the good sense to clearly explain myself so responding is easy but allow me to explain further.

If a picture of a woman is to be sexually stimulating to a decent human being then it needs to have at least one of two things:

  1. A sexually suggestive pose or context.
    You know, maybe bending over in an unnecessary way, staring at the camera just right, licking lips, wearing specifically sexy clothing, working in a library or wherever the kink of your choice is.
  2. Has noticeable secondary sexual characteristics.
    A bit of T&A, maybe lying down so she has that whole hip swoop thing going on, things like that.

Either of these is something that is liable to get somebody thinking sexy thoughts.

If, however, you have somebody with negligible secondary sexual characteristics and who is not in an inherently sexy pose or environment then what you are into is lifeless bodies that represent no inkling of consent. Should you be the kind of person that finds this attractive then it is incumbent on you to ensure that you never act on those desires because you are liable to rape somebody.

Now, perhaps the original author does have a boyish figure, this is a benefit to her since it means that she is not forced into being the subject of feeble minded males’ sexual fantasy purely because her genetics mean she forever falls into category 2, regardless of whether she wants to exude sexy. If she wants to not be sexy, she gets to not be sexy (I’m not saying all guys are into curves but it is, supposedly, a genetic predisposition). If, for example, she is at the gym with no make up on and just wearing her workout gear then she should not expect guys to be tripping over themselves for her because that’s clearly not something she’s after (at least not in that way. She may be making a conscious ploy to attract men that are into fitness on a more intellectual level but that’s something else entirely).

Should she then want to be sexy, she has the opportunity to be sexy through category 1, as well as using things like appropriate clothing, make-up etc. to make category 2 magically appear (bras, lip gloss, &c.) as well as the new category 3: suggestive behaviour. This could be flirting, it could be sexy dancing, it could be telling somebody she wants a ride on the O train. She has options.

But once again, if you see a flat body wearing utilitarian clothing and nothing to indicate that this is a sexually charged image and you are finding that sexually arousing then you have a problem. It’s a problem you need to be aware of so that you can always wonder, when approaching what you consider an erotic situation, “am I aroused because the situation is, in fact, sexually charged or is my brain tricking me into being turned on by an objectified body that it should not be turned on by?”

Hopefully that step will prevent you creeping too hard on people who are sexy to you by dint of having a body of any sort, let alone sexually assaulting somebody. You’re welcome.

Now let’s have a look at your definition of a paedophile. It’s not so much that the person is attracted to prepubescent girls. If they were then they would end up with one of the many women who maintain a childlike figure well into maturity. What makes them a paedophile is wanting somebody who doesn’t have the mental maturity to make sexual decisions for themselves, somebody who is inherently unable to consent. The problem with a paedophile is not that they want to have sex, it is that the people they want to have sex with are incapable of consenting and thus all paedophilic sex is automatically rape (this is why English law considers all sex with somebody under 13 to be sexual assault regardless of who initiated it. I assume other legal systems have similar laws but I’ve not studied criminal law outside of England and Wales).

Which brings us right back round to the original point. If you are attracted to bodies that are not attempting to be sexy then you have a potentially criminal derangement if you act on it without seeking consent. Please don’t do that.