Soldiers Brigade plays key role in Javelin Thrust ### Perfect Activity The main point of conflict between preservationists and those who come in to the park for poaching isn’t even the gorillas. Rather it is the illegal charcoal trade that makes killing gorillas inevitable. Rwanda banned the manufacture of charcoal so instead it is made illegally in Virunga National Park and smuggled over the border. Rwandans use the charcoal for heating and cooking. Whole sections of the park are stripped of their trees and those trees, in turn, become charcoal. These barren areas eliminate foraging territory for the gorillas and in inevitable conflicts, the armed poachers win. The dedicated work of many individuals goes into caring for the park and the gorillas therein. This tragic event won’t keep the soldiers or rangers from returning to their work. While no gorillas were killed in this attack, they have been victims before. ===Please Subscribe My Channel: ===Please Share This Video: Stay with my Channel to get more information’s and update Video.

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