#78 It rains here

And other sobering realities about Arizona

People who don’t live in Arizona (AKA sane people) might not know that aside from becoming a sweltering inferno for four months out of the year, Phoenix has a pretty crazy monsoon season — “monsoon” being a fancy word for “shit ton of rain.”

These heavy rains not only provide a respite from the heat, also lay bare the failings of the state’s education system.

For instance, so many people ignore signs warning of flooded roads that a “Stupid Motorist Law” was passed to shift the costs of rescuing stranded drivers onto the victims.

And then there are the palo verde trees. I get that they’re native to Arizona, plentiful and probably a cost-effective choice for a landscaper looking to cut corners on a project. But let’s face it: the life expectancy of a palo verde is determined by how close its planting date is to monsoon season. If the heavy rains and winds don’t snap branches, the thunderstorms will. I counted at least a half dozen felled trees on my drive to work.

But, hey, I guess having to replace them annually is good for business.

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