The write stuff

Day 50 of the 100 Word Project

This is a thing that keeps happening: I get into bed, open up my iPad Pro and start writing. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t start sooner. Was the problem, for so many years, that I never gamified writing? Maybe what I needed all along was to hop on the “do something for 100 days” bandwagon, or grab one of those habit-tracking apps that are so hot right now.

Alas, here I am, corrupted by the power of habit — except I’m not smoking, biting my nails or doing monster rails of booger sugar. Or something — I don’t know. Stay with me here. At the same time, I know how tenuous the mind’s grasp on positive habits can be. Hit the snooze button just once, and suddenly a single missed training run becomes two or three. Pretty soon, you’re not running at all.

Writing is the same way. Basically, I can’t stop. Ever.

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