“Time is money”

We are creating a minimalist protocol based on this simple statement.

We don’t know if we’ll succeed, nor do we know if the protocol will ever see meaningful adoption, or when this will happen. The only thing we know for sure is that if there is some adoption, the group of individuals will start to see the influence of time.

“By continually trying, you eventually succeed… So the more it fails, the more likely it will work.”

Our protocol has a native token called C999, which will exclusively be minted by the community. Its price will depend on time. As time passes, the minting price will increase.

Shadoks live on VolAtyle, an irregularly shaped planet, which is continuously changing shape and definitely not an ideal planet to live on. To escape, they are constructing rockets that can reach planet Earth. Perhaps they could talk to Elon Musk and discuss going to Mars, but this won’t be covered here.

To reach Earth with their rockets, Shadoks need a miraculous combustible element called Cosmogol 999, which they can produce from the air of their planet. As they require an absurdly large quantity, Shadoks pump endlessly.


The beauty of the Shadok protocol is in its pristine minimalism. The $C999 token, the native token of the Shadok Finance protocol, will be introduced at a small price quoted in $SOL. From there, the mint price will double every week.

Initial minting price: 1 $C999 = 0.0001 $SOL
Minting price evolution: x2 increase per week

The geometric growth formula of the minting price due to the Shadoks constant pump

All $SOL accumulated will be kept in the Gulp of the protocol, as a proof of value, explained below. Due to the increasing nature of the minting process, the ratio of $SOL in the Gulp per $C999 circulating will increase over time.

We anticipate that some participants will establish a secondary market for $C999, and we would see a rising price floor due to how the minting price is designed.

At first, we believe that the minting price and the secondary market price will stay close until a point in time we’ll label T. At this point, the secondary market price will decorrelate and establish the value of the protocol.

On the other hand, the minting price will continue its non-stop growth and forever keep pumping, just like the Shadoks because “it is better to pump even if nothing happens, rather than not pump and risk something happening”.

On planet VolAtyle, there are a series of caves known as “The Gulps”, which was essentially a prison for undesirables. Unfortunately, as the Shadoks have very limited intelligence, the gulp was set to an address they do not have the private key for. As a result, you can observe all of the $SOL accumulated at the TheGu1p111111111111111111111111111111111111 address. As nobody has the private key for this address, the $SOL are lost forever, but as the Shadoks say:

“if there’s no solution, then there is no problem”.

Token allocations

All $C999 must be created through the minting functionality. No tokens are pre-minted and there is no pre-allocation of any kind.


Given that a Shadok only has 4 neurons, their creativity is very limited. Despite its minimalism, this protocol is considered complete.

The Shadoks believe that the emerging community of $C999 minters and holders will organise themselves to protect their interest and promote the Shadok way of thinking.

Why Solana

Shadoks think that the low transaction costs of Solana makes it very attractive. Also, they got space-wind of the $SOL token having pumped a lot on Earth in the year 2021, catching their attention. The only problem is that they are getting rust-y but every advantage has its disadvantages and vice versa.

“You have to pump to live and therefore live to pump.”

Now, you can mint some $C999 here:




Shadoks are forever pumping Cosmogol 999 ($C999) on Solana

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Shadok Finance

Shadok Finance

Shadoks are forever pumping Cosmogol 999 ($C999) on Solana

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